Neurological News from Germany – the land of the 1st EAN congress in 2015

SteinmetzNeurology in Germany II – Successful years before 1933 by Helmuth Steinmetz Following last month’s chapter 1 about “founding fathers of the 19th century” we here continue this historical retrospect with a short review of German neurology in the early 20th… Continue Reading

Science from a Tweet: I was touched by your kindness… (and we all know it’s not simply a matter of mechanics)

by Delia Lenzi The Somatosensory system is known to be a multimodal system but we still know little about these proprieties. In particular, researchers are discovering that one of these submodalities —touch — has another dimension, besides that of decoding… Continue Reading

Translational neurology: The example of deep brain stimulation

Günther Deuschl by Günther Deuschl The Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award is one of the most important medical awards and goes this year to Mahlong R. Delong, Atlanta, USA and Alim Benabid, Grenoble, France for the ‘development of deep brain stimulation of… Continue Reading

Department-Department Programme 2015 Application Deadline: November 30th

EAN Department-Department Co-operation Programme Application Deadline: November 30, 2014 flyer_D2D_2015 Since 2001, this training activity has been highly appreciated by participants and hosting departments. Each grant is amounting to € 1,500.- plus travel expenses of up to € 300.-. The purpose… Continue Reading

Department-Department Programme – Reports From 2014

Report from Dr Pawel Chochol from Poland visiting the Department of Neurology at the Royal London Hospital, United Kingdom under the supervision of Dr Salek-Haddadi. I visited the United Kingdom on an eight-week Department-Department Co-Operation Programme at the Royal London… Continue Reading

Regional Teaching Course in Sofia, Bulgaria, October 3–5, 2014

RTC Sofia_009 by Ekaterina Titianova I would like to express my gratitude towards the European Academy of Neurology for the honour to organize the Regional Teaching Course in Sofia, Bulgaria which proved to be an event excelling in terms of attendance and… Continue Reading