Forum: Year of the Brain: New developments in MS – Austrian contribution to the international research

Within the framework of the European year of the brain, the Austrian Society of Neurology is intensifying its public relations with information on neurological diseases and the achievements of the Austrian neurology. On the occasion of the World MS Day,… Continue Reading

Neurological News from Germany – the land of the 1st EAN congress in 2015: Founding Fathers of the 19th Century

SteinmetzNeurology in Germany I – Founding Fathers of the 19th Century by Helmuth Steinmetz Today’s neurology would not have developed and is unthinkable without the close interaction that took place among our European forefathers as early as in the 19th century.… Continue Reading

Science from a Tweet: Let’s switch from bad to good: new insight from optogenetic into the neural bases underlying plasticity of emotional memory

by Delia Lenzi The emotional value of memories is known to be malleable and this property has been successfully used in clinical settings to treat maladaptive behaviors. By applying optogenetic manipulations, Susumu Tonegawa and colleagues, in a very interesting paper,… Continue Reading