Interview with the chairpersons of the EFNS Scientist panel / ENS Sub-committee “Muscle and neuromuscular junction disorders”

The EFNS Scientist Panels and ENS Subcommittees aim at coordinating different facets of clinical research and good neurological practice at European level. They will play a very important role in the European Academy of Neurology – EAN. We invited the… Continue Reading

Istanbul 2014 – Uschi Tschabitscher Prize – Tournament for Young Neurologists

The 2014 participants of the Tournament for Young Neurologist will receive a travel grant to Istanbul, a free congress registration and up to four nights’ accommodation as well as a travel grant:
Tournament 1 – Basic neurology
Sunday, 1 June… Continue Reading

Neurological News from Turkey – the land of EFNS/ENS 2014: A short story of pediatric neurology in the world and in Turkey

by Zuhal Yapici
The story of neurology dates back to ancient times, perhaps as early as the time when Egyptians used papyrus. It was on this writing material that Egyptians described unconsciousness, quadriparesis and hemiparesis. This is known as the… Continue Reading